What is Proofpoint? How does it work?

What is Proofpoint How does it work


What is Proofpoint? How does it work?



What is Proofpoint?

Proofpoint is a cybersecurity platform that protects employees and data from sophisticated cybercriminals who attack email, social media, and mobile devices.

Proofpoint provides a wide range of products, including email protection, to help businesses improve their security. Advanced threat prevention, security awareness training, cloud security, archiving and compliance, data protection, digital risk protection, and premium security services are among the items available.

With Proofpoint, businesses can add an extra layer of security. This article will explain how Proofpoint works and some of its popular features.


What is Proofpoint Email Protection?

Proofpoint Email Protection is an industry-leading email gateway that may be used on-premises or as a cloud service. It detects both known and undiscovered dangers that conventional security systems overlook. Email Protection accurately detects various forms of email using advanced machine learning technology.
The most common danger channel is email. Phishing and email frauds are among the most common social acts, and these security dangers are constantly growing. Proofpoint is the most comprehensive unified solution for safeguarding your employees and sensitive data from modern email attacks. Email fraud, also known as Business email compromise (BEC), is blocked by a comprehensive, extendable email security platform that blocks malware and non-malware email threats.

Advanced BEC defense now detects and prevents threats that don’t include a malicious payload, such as imposter email, commonly known as business email compromise (BEC). You may also tag suspicious emails automatically to assist users in becoming more informed. You can also hunt down any email in a matter of seconds. In addition, our comprehensive email screening keeps spam, bulk graymail, and other unwelcome messages at bay.



How does Proofpoint work?

Proofpoint is designed to protect people against fraudulent emails. It is a filter that looks at a message and determines whether or not it is trustworthy. If the email is suspicious, the filter will prevent you from seeing the message, so you don’t inadvertently get tricked into revealing personal information or opening an attachment containing malware.

Proofpoint does this by looking for specific behavior patterns in an email’s sending address, such as known spammy domains and sender information that do not match up with what would be expected from a trusted sender.

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What are some features of Proofpoint Email Protection?

Protection against phishing, imposters, and email fraud

You receive a detection engine powered by AI and machine learning with Advanced BEC Defense. It’s also meant to detect and prevent BEC assaults. It examines a variety of message characteristics, including:

  • Data from the message header
  • IP address of the sender (x-originating IP and reputation)
  • Message body for urgency and words/phrases, as well as other information

It then analyzes whether or not the message poses a threat to the BEC. It also detects a variety of attacker methods, including reply-to pivots, the use of malicious IP addresses, and the use of spoof supplier domains.

Detection with several layers

To assist you in guarding against continually emerging threats, we employ multi-layered detection techniques such as reputation and content analysis. Email Protection allows you to classify a wide range of emails dynamically. Phishing, malware, impostor threats, bulk email, spam, and other risks are among them.

Tag for email warning

Suspicious emails can be automatically tagged. This lowers the risk of a potential compromise by making your end users wary about unknown emails.

Intelligent Searching

Using thousands of search criteria, locate difficult-to-find log data. You can also quickly track where emails originate and end up.

Granular Control

Control at the granular level Allows for granular communication control by allowing encrypted messages to expire and the ability to revoke each particular message sent to a single individual.


A “PhishAlarm” button is also included in the platform, allowing users to report suspicious messages. The reporting tool notifies users of areas of possible vulnerability, allowing for customized training to address such areas.


What is Proofpoint encryption registration?

An Email Encryption Powered by SaaS and Based on Policies- Proofpoint Encryption provides powerful, policy-driven encryption capabilities that help reduce the risks of regulatory violations, data loss, and company policy violations while also ensuring the security of important information business communications.

Proofpoint Encryption is suitable for any company that wants to protect sensitive data while still allowing appropriate affiliates, business partners, and end-users access to it on their desktops and mobile devices.

The goal of encryption is to ensure confidentiality by converting communication into code. It’s convenient when disseminating sensitive material that other people shouldn’t have access to. Email is vulnerable to being intercepted by hackers because it is sent through the Internet. Encryption offers extra protection by ensuring that only the intended receiver may read the message.




Proofpoint is the robust email security, encryption, archiving, and continuity solution supplied as a single platform with a single administration panel. Proofpoint effectively stops spam and gives administrators comprehensive control over the spam filters’ intensity. Top Proofpoint security providers conduct security research, guaranteeing that they provide powerful threat defense that will repeatedly outperform competitors in accuracy testing.

Proofpoint is not a cost-effective solution, as it includes several capabilities that are expensive add-ons, like archiving and encryption, as part of the Business package. Protected Harbor ransomware protection offers complete security and various statistics and logs to help you get more control and visibility over your email network. The infrastructure for Protected Harbor is modern, with granular settings and better threat reporting.

Protected Harbor provides enterprise-class email protection to small and mid-sized businesses. With fast set-up, deployment, and reasonable price, it’s a perfect choice for smaller teams and MSPs. Get your customized protection plan now.