Why is Protected Harbor Better?

Why is Protected Harbor Better?

It is better because it was designed to protect a business and their operations from known and unknown new attacks including all forms of; Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, and Viruses.

To help explain I would like you to meet Mr. Wolf.  Mr. Wolf is a new unknown form for Ransomware. (04)

Now I would like you to meet three IT directors (01); Mr Straw, Mr Wood and Mr. Brick.  Mr. Straw, works hard, patching systems here and there (03), but instead of being forward thinking, he runs from machine to machine responding to last week’s crash, problem or end user complaint.  Mr. Straw has no time to install important updates or any other critical maintenance.

One of Mr. Straw’s end users clicks on a friendly email from what they think is a vendor.  Unfortunately it isn’t from the vendor, it is another phishing attack and an invitation to Mr. Wolf and well, you know what happens (06).

Mr Wood (07) is IT Director of a larger company, he buys the latest tools and services, he thinks the more he buys the more his company is protected.  He has specialized tools from many vendors that piecemeal network security and operations and don’t work well together.  The monitoring tool isn’t integrated with the backup, so failed backups go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, one of Mr. Woods end users clicks on a Facebook posting, inviting Mr Wolf (11)  over to see his desktop, and of course you know what happens (09).

Then there is Mr Brick, he is always looking for the best value and an integrated approach (10).  He understands the best technology is where components are designed to work together.  He pays one flat monthly fee for support, monitoring, backup and protection.

When one of Mr. Brick’s users plugs in an infected USB drive everyone in the company is concerned, but not Mr. Brick (12).  Mr. Brick hired Protected Harbor – so he is prepared to handle any technology crisis.

Wouldn’t you like to be safe like Mr. Brick?  Join Protected Harbor today to be safe from the ever growing list of ransomware attacks, viruses, useless subscriptions, phishing attacks and end user problems.

Protected Harbor is better because it is designed to be better – making your business’s IT strong, making your business Protected as in Protected Harbor.