Data Center Cable Management

Data Center Cable Management


Datacenter cable management is a complex task, Poor cable management will cause unexpected downtime and an unsafe environment.  Datacenter Cable management include Designing the network or structured cabling, Document all new patch cables, Determine the length of the cable, and plan for future expansion

Designing the network or structured cabling

When we design a new network, we need to identify where we need to keep the switch and patch panel also which colored cable we need to use to connect each server and type of cables like Ethernet or fiber cable. Also during the design, we need to design our network for future growth. When we run cables use the side of the racks  and also use cable ties to hold groups

Document all new patch cables

Documenting all patch cables is very important in a large Datacenter because it will be very helpful for troubleshooting any issues in the future and if we did not document patch cable that will cause unexpected downtime for our servers

Determine the length of the cable

Measuring cable length will help us to reduce costs and also will help us to make our data center clean

Plan for future expansion

This is one of the important when we design a new network because whenever we need to add more servers in the data center we do not want to redesign the entire network to add more servers.