How the Shift to Virtualization will impact Data Center Infrastructure?

How the Shift to Virtualization


How the Shift to Virtualization will impact Data Center Infrastructure?


Virtualization is the process of creating software-based (virtual) versions of computers, Storage, Networking, Servers, or Applications. It is super important when it comes to building a cloud computing strategy. This can be achieved using HYPERVISOR which is software that runs above the physical server or host. What HYPERVISIOR does is pool the resources from the physical servers and allocates them to the virtual environment which can be accessed by anyone who has access to it located anywhere in the world with an active internet connection.


Virtualization can be categorized into two different types:

  1. Type 1: These are most frequently used which are directly installed on the top of the physical server. They are more secure, and latency is low which is highly required for best performance. Some commonly used examples are VMware ESXi, MS HYPER-V, KVM.
  2. Type 2: In this type, a layer of host OS exists between Physical Server and Hypervisor. Commonly they are referred to as Hosted Hypervisor.

Since clients nowadays do not want to host big equipment in their own office, they are likely to move towards the Virtualization in which a Managed IT Company like Protected Harbor will help them to prepare the virtual environment based on their needs and that too without any hassle. Data Center Infrastructure is expanding because of this and to keep the Data Center Scalable the best practices of the DCIM need to be performed.

Virtualization not only affects the size of the Data Centers, but it also involves everything that is located inside a Data Centers. Big Data Centers means it will need additional power units with redundancy, AC, etc. This also leads to the concept of interconnected Data Centers where one of them could be hosting certain parts of an application layer and another one hosting remaining. Virtualization gives the concept of cloud since Physical Servers and not visible to clients and they are still using their resources without being involved in the management of that equipment. One of the most important benefits of Virtualization is it gives the possibility to achieve the best Data Center Infrastructure Management Practice.