Protected Harbor’s Leadership Ensures Alignment in India


Protected Harbor’s Leadership Ensures Alignment in India

In today’s dynamic global business environment, maintaining alignment across geographically dispersed teams is paramount. At Protected Harbor, this commitment to cooperation and synergy was vividly demonstrated when COO Jeff Futterman and CTO Nick Solimando embarked on a transformative trip to India, following CEO Richard Luna’s lead. Their objective was to strengthen coordination to continue the team’s journey towards Luna’s visionary goals for 2024 and beyond.

The significance of this visit cannot be overstated. With operations spanning continents, it’s crucial for leadership to foster a unified vision and ensure every team member is in lockstep toward shared objectives. Luna’s earlier visit laid the groundwork, setting the tone for collaboration and innovation, which Futterman and Solimando’s presence further reinforced.

COO Jeff Futterman Shares His Experience

“Visiting our team in India was an invaluable experience,” remarked Jeff Futterman. “We observed the remarkable dedication and camaraderie that defines our global family firsthand. Richard Luna set the stage with his ambitious growth strategy, and it was our mission to translate that vision into attainable objectives for our operations and technology teams.”

During their visit, Futterman and Solimando led discussions on essential changes in people, processes, and tools necessary to propel Protected Harbor’s growth. Collaborative brainstorming sessions allowed team members to identify major challenges and offer creative solutions, many of which will be incorporated into the strategic plan.


What the Future Holds

Jeff and Nick were heartened to see the Indian team consider themselves a family, supporting each other as such. The team is excited about engaging with technologies such as AI, data science, and DevOps, with many members actively learning about these areas.

The visit also catalyzed a restructuring to accommodate the expanding team, creating new supervisory roles to support growth initiatives for the now 24-strong employee group.

Yet, beyond strategic alignment and organizational restructuring, the essence of the meeting was fostering genuine connections and nurturing a sense of belonging across diverse teams.

“The most important outcome was enabling employees from different offices and departments to bond and build relationships that will benefit them and the company in the future,” emphasized Futterman. These interactions highlighted the benefits of building strong interdepartmental relationships, fortifying our collective strength.

Protected Harbor’s leadership journey to India showcases the transformative power of unity, leadership, and shared purpose. As the company continues its path of growth and innovation, the bonds formed during this visit will accelerate its continuous improvements towards operational excellence.

Moments from Our Team Meeting

Team meet 2024
Team meet 2024
Team meet 2024
Team meet 2024