Ashar Success Story

Ashar Success Stories


Ashar Success Stories

Since ASHAR started working with Protected Harbor, the school has grown from 300 to over 500 students.

With the Help of Protected Harbor, Private School Grows Student Base

New York K-8 private school, ASHAR, grew their student base from 300 to 500+ by implementing better tech security and easy to manage software for staff and students.

David Katznelson is the Executive Director at ASHAR, a K-8 private school in New York. The school needed to update its entire structure from their school’s WIFI network to the individual devices students were using during lessons, and Protected Harbor was the right fit.

With Protected Harbor on board, the school updated from tablets to wireless Chromebooks so students could access their work more securely and easily.

Protected Harbor integrated the new technology with the school’s system seamlessly.

“Every day, a teacher comes in, picks up a rack of Chromebooks and takes them to his or her classroom for the lesson. This would not have been possible without the help of Protected Harbor who manages all users and the Google domain,” said Katznelson. “They can turn on any features we’re are not familiar with and help us make each student’s experience the best.”

This helped the school improve engagement and scoring for their existing students and served as a perk for new student recruitment and enrollment.

“Because they work with other schools, they are able to guide us and tell us to do what’s best for the students which is invaluable.”

In just a short time after working with Protected Harbor, ASHAR’s entire IT infrastructure was updated.

Protected Harbor rebuilt the school’s subnet. The way the infrastructure was laid out prior prevented ASHAR from scaling seamlessly in line with the growth of student admission.

So Protected Harbor figured out and implemented a way to solve all these problems.

Protected Harbor reconfigured all WIFI hot spots throughout the campus and worked on all four of the school’s main servers, correcting all identified problems. Prior to this, there were lots of slowdowns and limited WIFI access in some areas of campus. Now, there are hot spots in every classroom, no dead zones or service interruption when traveling throughout the campus.

“This is a company that will do whatever it takes so your bottom line can improve,” said Katznelson. To get us up to par and to straighten out our issues, Protected Harbor technicians spent almost 72 hours here!”

Now, ASHAR’s servers are even faster and with much less downtime.

Protected Harbor updated ASHAR to virtual machines as doing so fit their model, and now with proper backups, server down time is limited.

ASHAR keeps Protected Harbor on staff 24/7 with their ongoing tech support. They have remote support available to all office and teaching staff and continue to find the best and safest technology for ASHAR’s students.

“Protected Harbor stays on top of the IT industry and remains knowledgeable as the world progresses,” said Katznelson. They have helped us function more efficiently in servicing our customers, which are students.”

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