6 Crucial Cybersecurity Technologies Every Business Needs

Why every business needs these 6 cybersecurity tools


Why Every Business Needs These 6 Cybersecurity Tools


6 Cybersecurity Tools That Every Business NeedsWith the advancement in technology, most businesses have shifted online. Due to the rapid technological shift, threats constantly evolve and become more sophisticated. Protecting the IT environment in an organization is critical, regardless of the size. Cybersecurity is the need of every business operating online, and they should take it seriously.

Cybersecurity measures protect organizations and small businesses from data breaches, malware, and security threats. No organization is safe from security issues and threats without a cyber-secure environment. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in security systems to put organizations at risk. To stay protected in a digital world, password management software for business is necessary.

In this article, you will know the best cybersecurity tools that can protect your online business against cyber threats. Let’s get started.


1. NordPass

Protecting your system and network with a strong password is necessary. With NordPass, you can store passwords in a single place and log into applications and websites with a click. Its password manager allows you to access your credentials on any device. It’s a highly secure, widely supported, easy to use, and more affordable tool for managing security.

Your assets like credit card details, passwords, and online notes are valuable, and they need to be protected using a reliable security tool. NordPass is a tool that uses advanced encryption algorithms that protect your valuable information.


2. BlueVector

The AI-powered solution of BlueVector is designed to deliver advanced network coverage and threat detection that can meet the security needs of any size business. BlueVector allows customers to use AI-based approaches to deal with the polymorphic nature of advanced cybersecurity threats with multiple privileges.

BlueVector, a leader in advanced threat detection, empowers security teams to know about real threats and allows online businesses to operate confidently so that their data and systems are protected.

6 Cybersecurity Tools


3. Mimecast

It’s a cloud-based platform ideal for small and large businesses and provides cyber resilience for email. With Mimecast, you can prevent your business from cyber threats before they affect your online business. It blocks ransomware, prevents data loss, stops business email compromise, and eliminates brand exploitation. Mimecast finds and neutralizes impersonation attacks before they are unleashed.


4. Intruder

It’s an online vulnerability scanner that detects the weaknesses in the IT infrastructure of your organization to avoid data breaches. Intruder allows you to find vulnerabilities before the hackers do. You can prevent data loss and enhance customer trust with constant cyber protection.

The intruder is a powerful and easy-to-use vulnerability scanner designed to safeguard your business from cyber threats. It reports the genuine and actionable issues that can impact your cybersecurity posture and helps you stay on top of threat detection and vulnerability management.


5. Avira

Avira is a comprehensive and professional-level cybersecurity tool that blocks online threats, including ransomware, malware, and spyware, through its antivirus protection feature. Avira free VPN secures and hides your online activities, and its password manager software for business secures your online accounts with unique, strong passwords. Its anti-scam protection secures you from phishing attacks and helps you find vulnerabilities through software updates.



VIPRE provides cloud-based email and endpoint security for your organization. It is one of the most widely used security tools that protect your business from malware, spam messages, and malicious attacks without any hassle. It lets you stay safe against advanced cyber threats and attacks. VIPRE business solution pairs AI technology with real-time threat tracking that protects your business from cybercrime.


Final words

This article has discussed the best six cybersecurity tools that every business needs if they do anything online. Due to the rapid increase in cyber attacks, organizations have lost their valuable assets, and this has caused irreparable damage. Therefore, these cybersecurity tools can help you safeguard your online business from unwanted data breaches and security threats.

Being aware of the cyber attacks and adequately using these tools can ensure 100% protection and safety. However, there is always a possibility of cyber attacks. Hence, having a proper cybersecurity infrastructure would come as a trump card to protect businesses from all kinds of cyber threats. Protected Harbor is one of the top cybersecurity solutions considering its clients as its partners. We are in a league of our own with 99.99% uptime, an expert tech team available 24×7, proactive remote monitoring, and more unique safety features.

The business can take a step-by-step approach by adopting a cybersecurity framework that can help the organization effectively carry out the activities of its cybersecurity policy. Protected Harbor constructs a framework, and it can be drafted and adopted only after a thorough assessment of the current risks and vulnerabilities. Be cyber secured today; contact us.